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About Us

We provide the Australian community with the opportunity to meet NBA current and past players up close and in person!
Sports Royalty has teamed up with some of the greatest players to ever play the game and bring them to Australia to share their stories and their journeys to become professional players.
                                      BRIAN VAUGHNS
                                             Founding Partner
                                                 & Director
                                           EDDIE COX
                                               Founding Partner
                                                  & Director
Brian Vaughns is a former NBA Draft Choice of the Milwaukee Bucks. Brian spent his professional career playing in countries all around the globe! His experience has seen him provide his talents as a player in Germany, Mexico, Greece, Argentina, Domenican Republic, USA, Switzerland, Italy, and Australia. After his playing career, Brian embarked upon coaching the game and helping to develop junior and senior players.He has been coaching for more than 20 years at an elite level and he is currently serving as the Founding Program Head Coach at Maribyrnong Sports Academy, one of the top Sports Academies in Australia. In addition Brian is also stamping his coaching brand on the Semi-Professional ranks of the Big V State League in Victoria. Brian's knowlwdge of the professional sports industry makes him a valuable part of the team.
Eddie "Fatty" Cox is a Chicago High School legend who played ball at powerhouse Farragut High School where the likes of Kevin Garnett and many others have dawned the professional hardwood. Eddie attended the University of North Dakota where he was a standout player. He then took his talents to the international scene where he has played in several countries around the world including Australia and Singapore! It is here in Australia where Eddie really made his mark. He is in the Werribee Devils Hall of Fameas one of the best players to ever play in Australia. Eddie brings a wealth of knowledge and know how to the group and is the go to man for many of the international stars that come to our shores.
Between these two, the country of Australia is in great hands! Any NBA player that these guys bring to the shores downunder can and will certainly boast about the fantastic opportunity to build relationships in this beautiful country. Together they hold more than 30 years experience in the game both from the coaching and playing side.
The idea of bringing the NBA to the local community is a brainchild that they created in order to give everday people like you and me the opportunity to meet NBA sporting stars that seem like a myth in any other setting. It's a great way for the Australian community to have the exprience of seeing and socializing with current NBA players as well as Hall of Fame players and legends.
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